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Our definition: Export planning

You have a successful business in Ukraine and now you are ready to expand it to Europe but don’t know how to proceed with it?

Our solution: Together with our cooperation partners in Europe we will offer you our professional support

After you have decided to enter other markets, a comprehensive market analysis is needed. It means:

  • Which countries: Though European Union is regarded as 1 market, there still do exist significant differences between EU-countries in terms of relevant customers and respective distribution channels;
  • Description of relevant customers;
  • Description of relevant competitors incl. competitiveness with reference to own products;
  • Analysis of typical distribution channels for given products for reaching relevant customers;
  • Analysis of relevant fairs/exhibitions;
  • Analyses of potential cooperation partners e.g. wholesalers/big retailers.

As a second step we offer to develop your concrete export plan which is in fact developed on the export focused business plan. It's important your export has a clear plan to follow. It helps you to define the objectives clearly so that you can use the right activities to reach your goals.

An effective export plan will also be used for marketing your strengths and will contain concrete measurements to tackle the weaknesses of your business.

The plan should spell out the following information:

  • How you will market and distribute your products;
  • The goals and time frame to achieve them;
  • The budget outlining how much money you’ll need for your export project(s).
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